Marriage & Family

A healthy marriage is a major component in a healthy family. Parents are the foundation of the family and as such, drive the family system. Parents are teachers; with their interaction, children learn about communication, relationships, values, and expectations. In counselling, parents learn that every action produces a reaction, either positive or negative. Parenting issues and approaches are discussed to determine the best fit for both parents in order to provide a united front in disciplining and nurturing the children.


In all aspects of life and relationships, communication is vital. The words chosen, the tone of voice, and the delivery including body language, all dictate how the message is received. When a message does not sit right upon receiving, it is imperative that, in that moment, one clarifies what they have heard and expresses what feelings were invoked by the words. Not taking time to do this builds resentment and animosity which causes further deterioration of the situation. Strategies on open communication are discussed and practiced.

Anxiety & Depression

Both anxiety and depression begin with ones lack of self-esteem. Determining the reasons behind this is the beginning of the process to understand who you are. An exploration of your values and your strengths is a way of lifting yourself. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, an evidence based treatment, help give you a new way of understanding and thinking about your problems. This treatment provides you with skills to deal with the issues on your own, as they happen, in order for them to not overwhelm you.

Dependency & Co-dependency

Both dependency and co-dependency exist in healthy relationships; however, more often than not unhealthy relationships interact in harmful ways through distancing, self-sacrifice, control and dysfunctional communication. These behaviours are self-destructive and hurtful to others, often either allowing themselves to be abused or becoming abusive. On the other hand, healthy couples are not afraid of being honest and are able to listen to their partner's feelings without becoming defensive.

Grief & Loss

Often grief and loss are associated with death, but the same process is also felt with job loss and the loss of a relationship. Feelings of anger, denial, bargaining, depression, isolation and finally an acceptance are all part of the journey. Being gentle with ourselves and understanding that time will help us heal is important.

Infidelity & Adultery

Although not all relationships can be saved, if both partners are willing to work on making changes, such as in engaging in open and honest communication, listening and questioning without defense or criticism, issues can be worked through.


Deborah Nelson‚Äč